What happened to Felix the Cat?

In 2007, the city of Los Angeles almost declared the historic Felix Chevrolet neon sign and dealership an official landmark. Then Mayor Villaraigosa's office asked the Cultural Heritage Commission to stop the process, claiming it would be bad for business. Darryl Holter of Felix Chevrolet promised to maintain the sign for future generations. Five years later, Felix Chevrolet partnered with General Motors to rip out the vintage neon tubes and illuminate Felix the Cat with LEDs. If you want Felix Chevrolet to honor its promise to the city and restore this great neon sign, please sign the petition.

Monday, December 19, 2016

From Bad To Worse

Four years on since the landmark Felix the Cat neon sign was destroyed and replicated in LED, and we were shocked to see how bad it looks from the northbound lanes of the 110. The cat, which has long been outlined in white, is now a nasty shade of yellow, with a pair of sinister froggy green eyes floating in the haze.